Eucalyptus Shower

I follow a lot of health bloggers and I kept seeing articles about eucalyptus showers. The photos looked so beautiful it peaked my interest aesthetically. When I began to read the posts and the benefits of fresh eucalyptus, I knew I had to try it. Not only does it look beautiful as a home decoration but it works wonders for your body. Let me explain…

Eucalyptus shrubs and trees are native to Australia and were used in Aboriginal medicine. The oils and leaves are still used today and the benefits are endless! When you hang the branches in your shower the steam activates the essential oils in the leaves releasing a minty, fresh smell. The oils are known to clear your airways, refresh your mind, enhance your mood, relieve stress, and sooth joint pain. They act as an antiseptic to help get rid of many health issues from the flu, viruses, bacterial infections and lice.

My favorite benefit of Eucalyptus Showers is that it improves your respiratory health. If you suffer from asthma it is known to naturally reduce inflammation by pushing out phlegm and clearing airways. *please consult your doctor before trying a eucalyptus shower for asthma.

Another use for Eucalyptus is a bathroom arrangement. It not only looks pretty but will naturally help keep the air clean and fresh. You can pick up eucalyptus leaves (sliver dollar leaves) at any local florist. My bunch including some brown rope was $15 and it made 3 bouquets.

How to make a Eucalyptus Bouquet:

1. Separate your branches into medium bunches and trim the stems. The branches are very hard to cut so you may need to snap them first.

2. Tie the bundle together at the bottom using a long piece of natural twine or rope.

3. Using the ends of the rope attach it to your shower head.

4. Turn on your shower and let the steam happen!! Jump in and enjoy your natural homemade spa.

5. The leaves will probably get wet so check on them often to make sure mold doesn’t grow. Change your bundle weekly.

Easy peasy. Enjoy! xoxo



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