Bodum Double Walled Glass Mugs

Happy Friday! Below is this weeks Friday Favorite…
Bodum Double Walled Glass Mugs are my absolute favorite kitchen accessory. Like many of you, I am a huge coffee and tea drinker and have been on the hunt for a “comfy” mug for a long time, purchasing mugs that have cracked, overheated, were too large or too small. I discovered these mugs at a dear friends house and instantly fell in love. They are extremely light weight and never get too hot on the perimeter, preventing any lip burn (been there done that!).
The mugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. I purchased the 15 oz mugs and I’d say the size is in between a Tall and Grande Starbucks drink. They have double-walled construction with a silicone plug between each layer of glass which keeps the outside of the mug at room temperature and contains the temperature of the interior liquid. They are made of heat resistant glass and keep your coffee warmer, longer. They never overheat if you pop them in the microwave, which I do often because I like my coffee burning hot. You can place the mugs in the fridge and freezer and they’re not supposed to crack. They are dishwasher safe and I’ve had no cracking or chipping on any of the mugs so far!
Not only are they the most durable and lightweight mugs I have ever had but the most aesthetically pleasing. They match everything and the presentation is really pretty and professional. You can see right through the mug to the liquid, which looks as if it’s floating. You can make layered ice cream sundaes, floats or fancy coffee beverages. They are definitely a crowd pleaser and conversation piece. All of our guests have enjoyed them so far.
They are sold at a variety of retailers and online. If you purchase any of the Bodum Double Walled Mugs let me know. I’d love to hear what you think.
Enjoy! xoxo

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