At Home Manicure

Happy Friday everyone. This weeks Friday Favorite is my At Home Manicure. I have always loved getting my nails done as it makes me feel clean and polished (pun intended!). Like many of you it is hard to find the time to get weekly manicures between work, family, and school. Not only do we not have a lot of extra time in our day but weekly manicures add up financially. You could be spending up to $80 a month on your manicures. That is almost $1000 a year!!

I have the steps for an easy, clean, and soothing manicure you can do right in your bathroom. Maybe even hang some eucalyptus leaves or light some lavender candles for that fresh spa smell. Follow these steps below to get a professional salon manicure in the comfort of your home using your own personal tools.

What you will need:

• A large paper towel

• Salon strength nail polish remover

• 2 cotton pads

• A medium grit nail file, nail buffer, wooden cuticle sticks and a cuticle cutter

• 1 tbsp Coconut oil

• Small bowl filled with warm water

• Base coat, nail polish, top coat (my favorite brands are below)


1. Start with clean hands and nails.

2. File nails to your desired shape. I usually switch from square to squoval (square with round edges).

3. Gently buff nails with the coarse side of your nail buffer to remove ridges, peeling or discoloration. Avoid buffing your nails with the smooth side as it will make your nails too slippery for the polish to stick.

4. Massage coconut oil onto your cuticles and place your finger tips into the bowl of warm water. Let soak for 3 minutes.

5. Remove fingers and push back your cuticles with the flat/round end of the cuticle stick. The pointy end is for removing dirt under your nails.

6. After you have pushed back your cuticles gently them with the cuticle cutter. Gently is the key. Be careful that you don’t cut too deep into your healthy skin. If you want to skip this part entirely you can!

7. After your cuticles have been removed take some more coconut oil and rub all over your hands. Let the oil sit on your hands for another 3 minutes. Coconut oil not only smells great but it is a natural antibacterial and antifungal remedy. It also works as an efficient moisturizer.

8. Wash your hands with a gentle soap and warm water. Dry. Fold your paper towel in half to give yourself a clean surface to start polishing.

9. Clean your nails of any remaining oils with a little nail polish remover.

10. Apply one coat of base polish to your nails and wait to dry.

11. Apply two coats of your favorite polish. Mine is Essie “Vanity Fairest”.

12. Finish with 1 coat of top coat. Out the Door is the BEST top coat. It dries very fast and keeps nails super shiny. I like to apply top coat every couple of days up to a week when it’s time to do my At Home Manicure again!

*Clean tools after every use with some soap and water or alcohol.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Easy peasy. Enjoy! xoxo


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